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So, here’s the thing (I have too many stories that start this way)…

I wanted to make fake cake pops, by rolling rice crispy treats into balls and dipping them in chocolate. Well, it didn’t work. I made my own marshmallow creme (because I was at Whole Foods and when I saw the price of marshmallows I was like “Awww heeeeell naw, I’ll just make that myself!”), and it didn’t quite harden enough to make my “pop” hold up to being dipped in chocolate. Sad face.

BUT. I did still make something delicious. Mostly because lots of chocolate was involved, so it was bound to be delicious anyways. 🙂

I’m not sure if it’s the recipe I used, or, more likely, I didn’t do it right. So I’ll let you figure out what to do about the melted marshmallow/marshmallow creme part (I prefer not to contribute to a kitchen disaster), but I will let you in on the ingredients I used and how my “pops” turned out!


1 16oz bag of rice cereal (I went with Cocoa Snapz, because they were cheaper per ounce than the brown rice cereal…and it’s chocolate)

1 bag of marshmallows, melted down with 3-4 tablespoons of butter (I think this might be the better way to do it, my from-scratch marshmallow creme was DELICIOUS but it didn’t work)

30 plus ounces of chocolate (some white, some dark, some semi-sweet)
Red Food Coloring
Muffin Liners

That’s right, (at least) THIRTY OUNCES OF CHOCOLATE. This made about 26 “pops” (I think…I might have tested a few somewhere along the way and forgot about it during my sugar high).

Ok, so make your rice crispy treats, however you decide is best, and when they’re cool enough to handle but not completely set, mold them into balls and then stick them in the fridge. I did this with an ice cream scoop and a spoon to smooth over the outer edge, and dropped onto parchment paper. Even after 24 hours in the fridge they still came apart a bit when I tried to put a stick in them, so don’t worry if this doesn’t come out perfectly. We’ll be drowning them in chocolate so nobody will notice.

the cereal I used

the cereal I used

my cocoa crispy balls

my cocoa crispy balls

For assembly, they hold the stick best if you dip the edge of the skewer in chocolate first, then press into your rice ball and let set. Arrange your muffin tins with the liners and have at the ready. Melt your chocolates in microwave safe bowls.

For the white chocolate, I used one drop of food coloring in my first batch for a very light pink. For a darker pink, I added 5 drops.
I mixed 2 different kinds of dark chocolate (one with raspberries and one with hazelnuts) with semi-sweet chocolate chips, to make the expensive chocolate go farther and to cut the intense dark flavor.

I also made chocolate hearts! It’s so easy. I just used the back of a spoon to swoop them out (artistically, not messily) on parchment paper, let them cool for a couple of minutes, and they pop right off!

photo 2 (1)

In my muffin liners, I placed my hearts first, then drizzled a little chocolate (dark or pink), then pressed my “pops” down gently, holding briefly to make sure they stay. Then cover with more chocolate (alternating flavors or color), and gently encourage it fall down around the edges, to fully cover the “pops.” Let set or speed up the process by putting them in the fridge. I only had one 12-cup muffin tin but since these hold their shape and harden so quickly you can easily work in batches, taking some out and placing them on the counter to refill your muffin tin.

photo 3

I wrapped mine in plastic wrap and tied with a ribbon to take to work for Valentine’s Day! Had I thought ahead, I would have gotten those cute cellophane bags, but plastic wrap worked just fine (a little cheap, but meh).

photo 4

And since it’s heart day, here’s a cute picture to melt your heart (if it hasn’t exploded yet from all the sugar you just ate).

kuddley kittehs!

kuddley kittehs!

Enjoy any holiday season by just changing the color of the white chocolate, with seasonal flavors, and you can even make cute little shapes, too! 🙂