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Jen may know a lot more about health, food, and bodies than I do, but there is one thing that I do know: we all need a little bit of self care.

I’m talking about the self care that means not focusing on our bodies and their imperfections the way society tells us to, and notย being overly concerned with our physical selves, but taking care of our emotional selves, in the way that best makes sense for you and your own, personal health.

If you’re like me (or Jen), you might be: working full time, babysitting on the side, taking care of two furbabies, grocery shopping, cooking every night, mothering taking care of a significant other who’s in the last leg of law (or flight) school, obsessively cleaning the apartment to maintain some semblance of order in life, trying to make time for friends, working on a blog, attempting to exercise (ha!), worrying about family, worrying about student loans, worrying about bills… among many, many other things. Where in there did you see time alotted to take care of myself, you ask? Unless it’s those few mindless hours spent at night watching trash TV or Chopped, there isn’t much time spent doing some of the things I really love to do. Not things Iย have to do, or should do, or that someone else says I need to do, but things I WANT to do, LOVE to do, and NEED to do for myself – to feed my heart and soul.

Cue: trip planning for a girls weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

Even though Jen and I are both on tight budgets, and probably worry way more than we should about the little things, we are self-aware enough to know that some things are just more important – like our friendship, spending time together, having adventures, putting real life on hold for a little while, and letting loose.

So, after plane tickets and hotel reservations, we both set in place a budget for our three days together. We worried about it before, and freaked a little after the first night. But, then, we realized something: we were having FUN. We were forgetting, for just a moment, about real-life and all of it’s stresses. I mean, we didn’t go crazy or anything – we both know we can’t go on a shopping spree like we’re the McDonnell’s pre-indictment – but we had enough to buy good food, good drinks, and maybe spend just a tad too much at the coolest store ever. But you’ll have to get to number one of our Top 10 Countdown to find out what that is (or…just scroll down…). ๐Ÿ˜€ โค

First, some honorable mentions:

Forsyth Park: This is a giant, beautiful park, full of old trees, beautiful fountains, and lots of people walking their dogs and playing sports.

Fountain at Forsyth Park

Colonial Cemetery: A very small cemetery, as far as they go, but stunning, quiet, and full of history.

Bonaventure Cemetery

River Street: This street is really a major tourist trap – but it’s right on the river and has a ton of adorable little shops and great restaurants to check out. Also, I’m pretty sure we watched about five giant barges go by, which was just cool.

River Street

City Market: Our hotel was right next to this market. There was live music every night, lots of bars and restaurants, and a few candy, gelato and trinket stores along this old cobblestone block. Even though we didn’t hang out here much, it was super beautiful and had a lot of character.

Leopold’s Ice Cream: They do have sorbet for the lactose intolerant, but their ice cream is supposedly some of the best in the country. I had the Lemon Custard, and Jen had their signature Honey Almond Cream. Both were delicious, and the kiddie size was just enough to satisfy our sweet tooth after dinner (and only slightly mangled my dairy-sensitive stomach…oops). They had so many flavors, too – there’s gotta be something for everybody.

Leopold's Ice Cream

Now, for the real fun.

10. Inn at Ellis Square
We had a groupon to stay at this little hotel in Ellis Square, and, while it wasn’t particularly cute or anything, the rooms were big and the cost worked out to be around $45 per person per night (for three nights). And it was near everything we wanted to see and do. I mean, right there. You can’t beat that location and that price. The staff were friendly, and there was free breakfast everyday (though our gf options were limited: grits, apples, bananas, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, coffee and juice). But I think my favorite part was the automatically-opening, double front doors. Everytime I walked through I felt like royalty, gracing the people with my presence, breezing through on a whim. (I’m clearly easily amused.)

9. Full Moon Tours Haunted Pub Crawl
Our tour guide was a little eccentric, but was so knowledgable and sweet – and it’s all part of what made this a super fun tour. We also had a groupon for this tour – $21 for two people. I think we hit up three or four bars, grabbing a drink (or two… or shots) at each one, all the while being told old ghost stories about historically haunted Savannah. Besides the few couples that were stumbling drunk, it was a great way for us to learn more about the city and some of it’s most historical spots. Jen couldn’t sleep that night… so it did it’s job. Also, having a girl on the tour who said she was pushed down the stairs at the Full Moon Brewery didn’t help.

Creepy Cemetery on our Haunted Pub Crawl

Creepy Cemetery on our Haunted Pub Crawl

8. 17hundred90 Inn and Restaurant
Let’s just talk about the bartenders for a second. Even though they were busy, we felt like we were the only people in the bar. We had strawberry shortcake shots, Scooby snacks, and key lime pie shots (which we promptly had made into full-size drinks, to go). Oh – and at 3 bucks a shot? Not a bank breaker. We also learned that Pinnacle vodka has over 100 flavors… and is GLUTEN FREE. The space was also really cool – low ceilings, brick walls and a giant fireplace. We were planning to go back the next night… but may have still been recovering from the pub crawl the night before.

Key Lime Pie Martini

Key Lime Pie Martini

7. The Coffee Fox
We went here multiple times, and it was just such a cute little spot. They also had really unique coffee flavors, with local roasts and featuring other local products. And they had cold brewed coffee, which is WAY gentler on my tummy (removes a good amount of the acid that plagues regularly brewed coffee) and is how I generally have my coffee at home.

Coffee Fox

6. The Paris Market
This is just a cool place. We wandered around for quite some time. They also have a coffee shop, and lovely french macaroons.
photo 2

photo 2 (1)

photo 3

photo 2

AND they have this cute little photo booth with random costume-y things, so, that had to happen.

photo 4

5. Spudnik
Really, a restaurant that specializes in different kinds of baked potatoes? Duh. This needs no explanation, other than that it was delicious, and cheap.

photo 2

4. Savannah’s Candy Kitchen
photo 5
Yes, it is a giant rice crispy treat covered in white chocolate and butterfinger. Yes, it was delicious.


photo 3

And they had amazing pecan pralines, and divinity, which is a dessert I haven’t had since my grandma made them for me when I was a kid. RECIPE COMING SOON!

3. The Salt Table
We spent a ridiculous amount of time here. Why, you ask? I have 2 phrases for you: free samples and cheap wine tasting. (These 2 phrases could actually describe our entire trip.) I can’t even begin to explain to you how magical and awesome this place is. I think we tried just about everything, and ended up going home with small packets of all different kinds of flavored sugars. (Expect cool recipes.) And we came back later for a flight of 5 different wines, from vineyards in Georgia. I didn’t even know there were vineyards in Georgia!
photo 3

2. Chocolat by Adam Turoni
Oh. My. Lanta. This man, he is a genius. Not only is his chocolate all over the stores in Savannah (and in all sorts of coffee shops, too, like The Coffee Fox above – Mexican Mocha, anybody?) – but his store has all sorts of incredible, unique types of chocolate concoctions. We promptly ate all of ours after stopping by. Jen, who isn’t a huge chocolate lover, said it was the best chocolate she’s ever had.

photo 5

1. Savannah Bee Company
First – they offer all sorts of free samples. Who doesn’t love that? Second – we were definitely drunk (or, at least buzzed) after our 11am mead tasting ($8 for 6 different meads AND a piece of Adam Turoni’s chocolate. Score.).

photo 1
photo 1

But their products, guys, their products. We decided we could move to Savannah and work here, and be perfectly happy with our lives. Eating the honey, drinking the mead, lathering ourselves in Royal Jelly Body Butter…then we’d need another job to afford it all. But still, it would totally be worth it.


At the end of our amazing trip – we were already planning our next one. Not only was it incredible to spend some time together in a stunning city, but something we also learned? You absolutely cannot put a price on being happy, healthy and stress-free, even if it’s only for a few days at a time.