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I really like Chia seeds. Yes, Chia… like the pet.

Chia seeds are amazing little things. Yes, you definitely have to get over the gelatinous texture that they bring to the food you’re eating, but they have all sorts of good stuff: protein, vitamins, Omega-3’s, and they are AMAZING for aiding digestion (think about it… the gelatinous texture goes all the way through, it doesn’t stop in your stomach).

I’ve made these shaker breakfast oatmeal jars with Chia seeds, which were always delicious and great for on-the-go mornings. I’ve also made chia seed pudding for dessert, with a little bit of cinnamon (it’s super easy – mix about a half cup of the milk of your choice – I always use almond – with 1 Tb of chia seeds and a couple shakes of cinnamon, raw coconut palm sugar, brown sugar, or maple syrup. Let it sit in your fridge for a couple of hours, and boom – you’ve got a sweet and healthy dessert!)

I just happened to have all of the ingredients necessary for this banana nut chia pudding, but the original recipe called for using egg yolks, cooking things on the stove, and then putting everything in a blender.

Um, no. I am way too lazy for that – and no way am I dealing with dishes afterwards. If I want a new recipe, it needs to be as simple as possible.

So, I came up with a much quicker way to do it, and made it my own.

Banana Nut Chia Pudding

This yields about 2 cups – or enough for 4, 1/2 C servings.



12 oz Milk of your choice (I am IN LOVE with Almond Breeze’s Coconut Almond Milk Mix)
1 Ripe Banana, mashed well
1.5 Tb Coconut Palm Sugar (Or the natural sugar of your choice)
1 Tb Vanilla
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 C Chia Seeds

Mash up your banana in a medium-sized bowl until fairly smooth. Add the rest of your ingredients and whisk very well – you will probably need to let it sit for a minute, whisk, let it sit and whisk again. This is because the chia seeds will fall to the bottom at first, but as they begin to release their “gel” – they will start to suspend themselves in your mixture.


Divide your mixture evenly between four small jars – or, just let it sit altogether in the large bowl. Your choice. Put in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours or longer.


When you’re ready to eat them, top with sliced bananas, slivered almonds or walnuts and mini-chocolate chips if you’d like.


I know it seems like a small serving size – but the banana and chia together give you tons of fiber to keep you full, at least for a couple of hours. It’s low calorie – and if you use a natural sugar like the coconut palm sugar, you get even more nutrients.

*Side Note: Please, please, please don’t use sugar substitutes! They are chock full of chemicals. If you can’t add sugar because of a health issue (like diabetes), or you don’t want the extra calories sugar – just leave it out! The bananas, especially if they’re ripe, will have plenty of natural sugars for you.

This wasn’t super chunky or solid – it was more of a thin-pudding consistency. You can absolutely add more chia seeds or a second banana to thicken it up.