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I found a paleo recipe several months ago for something like this that used eggplant. The problem? I hate eggplant.

I take that back – I don’t hate the taste of eggplant, we can just NEVER seem to cook it right. Ever. I think it’s a curse – so we just don’t cook it at all.

But, we do love tomatoes. Particularly, Roma. So – I decided to swap out the eggplant for tomatoes and do it my own way. It’s easy and fast, and full of protein. We usually serve it up with some type of very green vegetable (like asparagus, which we love) to balance out the protein and add some fiber.

Egg, Sausage & Tomato Stacks

This recipe will serve 4. Feel free to use fewer eggs or more sausage if you prefer one over the other. Also, feel free to add more vegetables to this dish – you can totally try roasting eggplant, or serving this over a bed of kale or spinach.


1 lb Sweet Italian Sausage, ground
4 Small Roma Tomatoes
8 Eggs – poached or fried (you could scramble them, too)
Salt & Pepper, to taste
Green Vegetable of your choice

Form your sausage into 8 fairly small, evenly sized patties. Throw them into a frying pan on medium heat, and cook until there is no pink left. Flip every few minutes to prevent sticking.

photo 1photo 3

While the sausage is cooking, fry up your eggs in a pan, or – use the poaching option in your egg cooker. If you mess up the fried eggs (like I always do) – just scramble them. It’ll all taste the same.

Slice up your Roma tomatoes into medium-sized slices. Why Roma tomatoes, you may ask? They aren’t mushy, and they also don’t have a ton of the gross seedy gel guts inside, which my husband and I both can’t stand. We just happen to prefer Romas over other types of tomatoes. We also like beefsteak tomatoes – but you can really use whatever tomatoes you prefer. Heirlooms, in season, would be fabulous for this!

photo 2

When everything is finished – you can try to actually stack everything up… but we usually just put all the ingredients close together on each plate and serve. Each person should get two sausage patties, two eggs, and one whole sliced tomato. Easy!

Also, delicious.

photo 4 photo 5

To answer your question, yes, those are crispy onions on top of the asparagus. No, they are not gluten free. That would be my husband’s plate!