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I made so. many. doughnuts. SO MANY. Why? Because I bought a MINI doughnut maker. You would think the name “Babycakes” and the size of the box, despite the misleading picture, would have clued me in to the fact that these would be bite sized. But no, I was still stupidly disappointed when I opened the lid and saw 6 tiny impressions for mini doughnuts. However, I could not be deterred. Must. have. doughnuts.

Silvana Nardone is one of my heros, and she has a few doughnut posts that I have been salivating over for months. I decided to try her GF DF Spiced Powderded Doughnuts to christen my fancy little (emphasis on little) machine. I followed the recipe for the doughnut batter exactly (I use her gf flour blend, too), so I won’t repost it here, but I didn’t have powdered sugar on hand so I just used a combo of brown and granulated sugars with the spices instead.

batter in the Babycake machine

I found that the bottom side, since it was almost steamed in the Babycake machine, was moist enough to have the sugar stick to it easily. The other side was quite plain, however, so I decided to dip it in a maple syrup glaze I made and then dip it in the sugar-spice mixture. 🙂 Score.

I think this recipe made over 3 dozen donuts, but I had to stop counting because then I would know how many I ate. And if you don’t know, then the calories don’t count, ammiright?

I took about 2 dozen to work today, and they had been demolished before noon.

I took 2 dozen to work today, and they had been demolished by 11am.


gf df doughnuts!

Disclaimer: These doughnuts are not healthy (I mean, look at all that sugar). Not many people at my work are familiar with celiac disease or what gluten-free means, so I’ve had to do a little bit of educating. A lot of people say things like, “Oh, well then I can eat more because they’re healthy!” and “I feel healthier already!” when I bring in my yummy baked goods to share. This is not part of a diet plan that helps you (me) lose weight. This is a lifestyle change for people who have a serious medical condition (or serious sensitivities etc.) and have to avoid gluten in order to survive, thrive, live pain free, symptom free, and normally, like other people with healthy guts. My recipes are chock full of fat, oil, sugar (deliciousness), and I am a-okay with that. (Ma, I promise I eat my vegetables, too.) So…there. Rant over. Sorry. 😀

Also, these are best eaten ASAP. They are so soft when you take them right out of the doughnut maker, but they harden up slightly over night. (But they were still a hit at the office the next morning.) I stored what few leftovers I had in an airtight container on the counter. I’m guessing they won’t last long. Because we’ll eat them before they ever have a chance to turn into rocks.

Last note. If you cook them too long, you can just call them round churros. Because that’s what they taste like. 🙂