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Thanks sooo much to deliciouslynell from “I Need A Feed!” for nominating us for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Jen and I are quite new to the blogging scene, but we are having so much fun “meeting” new people and being a part of this online community. Sharing our passion for food and our struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle has brought new life to both of us, and we hope that this blog helps you to do the same.

So, in keeping with the rules:

  • Display the award certificate:

  • Link back to the person who nominated you (thanks, again, deliciouslynell!)

  • Share 7 random facts about yourself(selves):

1. We both love tequila. And wine. And french fries. It’s all gluten free, so we have to eat and drink it. In excess.
2. A lot of people think we’re related but we’re not. We do actually both have younger sisters, though.
3. Both of our names start with “J” (obviously).
4. We both have 2 pets, one black and one tan (this was a recent discovery, how funny is that)! Jen’s are dogs and Jenee’s are cats.
5. We are both social workers who care very much about our communities and making positive changes in this world.
6. (Jenee) The only frozen packets of food I’ll eat are those Green Giant broccoli and cheese sauce things. I have this weird obsession with them. It might be a problem.
7. (Jen) I talk about how I try not to eat a lot of processed food – but my favorite junk food (other than french fries) is Cheetos, potentially the most processed food on the planet. Whoopsies.

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