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I’ve been in Boston for over 2 years now (and Jen was here, too, before she left me for warmer weather), and I’ve been to and ordered from quite a few restaurants in the city and surrounding areas. (Check my bank account, it’s empty.) I wanted to keep a running tab here of good, and bad, places to go and what you can (or can’t) eat there. There are a lot of naturally gluten-free foods at restaurants that aren’t advertised as such, so my goal is to get this list as comprehensive as possible. I think this is also a good post for all you folks with gf friends to check out, I know how hard it can be to find a good place that everyone can go to together and enjoy. And, please, if you know of other places or have had good/bad experiences somewhere, let me know! I’ll be updating this as often as I can.

Cafes and Bakeries
Curly Cakes – Lovely cupcakes, larger than the ones you’ll get at other places, and vegan cupcakes, too. They seem to have bad reviews on Yelp! but I liked them.
Dunkin’ Donuts – They recently started carrying (in some places) gluten-free donuts and muffins, packaged individually. Don’t eat the donut, it will make you sad. But the muffin is pretty good. And the hashbrowns are gluten free, too.
The Friendly Toast – best. pancakes. ever. (And huge!)
Fuel – They started carrying gf bread last year so you can enjoy their lovely breakfast and lunch sandwiches.
Modern Pastry – They have a gf whoopie pie, at least they did the last time I went in.
Starbucks – So, there’s a lot of confusion around the ingredients in their syrups, so it might be best to just stay away…but I still go. I check the labels of the syrup they’ll be using in my drink first, and so far I haven’t found anything. I do know that you canNOT have the caramel they use on top of some of their drinks. And no baked goods, not even the Marshmallow Dream Bar, which has barley malt flavoring.
Sweet – They carry cupcakes from Glutenus Minimus, sold 2 in a pack for $7, I believe. Very good.
Violette Bakery – I’ve had their cupcakes before, from the markets they set up at, and they are fantastic. I was slightly disappointed when I went to their storefront, however: WAY too expensive and not really worth your dollars (I’ve tried the empanadas, cookies, and cupcakes from their fridge). I’ll stick with the fancier cupcakes they send to the markets.

75 Chestnut – I didn’t want to tell you about this place, because it’s my favorite and I want it to stay hidden. But I guess I’ll be sweet and share. It’s fan-effing-tastic. Half-priced desserts on Tuesdays (Trio of Crème Brûlées) and Wine Wednesdays.
Atlantic Fish Co. – You can have any of the fresh catches grilled or pan seared, but honestly, for that price, you can make it at home. I wouldn’t waste my money on this place again.
Back Deck – They carry really good gf buns so you can have most of their sandwiches. I would recommend calling ahead and asking, because sometimes they run out.
Barking Crab – They don’t have gf bread or anything, but all the fresh seafood platters are safe (and a little pricey, but splitting one of the bigger platters with a friend is worth it). But no on the french fries, they fry them in the same oil as the fish and chips.
BarLola Tapas Lounge – Tapas, a decent amount of options. But the paella is my favorite.
Dorado Tacos – Yummmmm. But a little pricey. And no fish tacos for you.
Easy Pie – I heard about this place from a friend, but it’s in Braintree and I just haven’t gotten out there yet. I’ll let you know when I do! Update: Got chicken fingers, they were awesome!! Fries a bit bland, though.
Fajitas & ‘Ritas – I’ll be honest, the food isn’t the best. But here’s what you do. Order a pitcher of margaritas (for, like, $13!!!) and drink it all. Then order the food. You won’t really taste it. (The nachos are decent, and they’ll make you a quesadilla with corn tortillas instead of flour, and they give you 2, COVERED in cheese.)
Genki Ya – They have gf soy sauce! Just ask for it, they’ll bring it out on a little platter for you. So cute. (A little pricey, but the sushi is excellent. Just don’t get anything with tempura. Unless you speak Japanese and know how to ask if it’s made with rice flour only.)
Joe’s American Bar & Grill – They do have gf bread, rolls, gf soy sauce, and fries cooked separately (AMAZING sweet potato fries), and they seem really knowledgeable. However, I have to tell you that I did get sick the last time I ate there. I need to call and talk to them about it, so I’ll update this when I do.
Legal Seafood – They have gf fish and chips!!! It was bland, but it was fish and chips so I don’t care. (Really great gf menu that you can check out online for the Harborside location, Floor 1, and the one by the Aqaurium. They even made Marco’s dishes gluten-free so I could pick off his plate, ha!)
Lolita Cocina – Definitely known for their awesome tequila drinks and the ambience. Their tacos, chips and salsas are fantastic. And the tequila, of course. And they give you cotton candy with your check, so there’s that. 🙂
Max Brenner – I do NOT recommend for dinner. There’s hardly anything on the menu you can eat and it will make you sad. Also, they glutened me. They have some work to do on allergy knowledge.
Melting Pot – I was so pleasantly surprised with their gf menu. They have bread for dipping (and corn chips), they can use cider in place of beer for one of the cheese pots, and the waiters are well educated.
Olive Garden – Don’t do it. They have corn pasta, but just don’t do it. They tried to kill me last time I went with wheat pasta cooked in with my corn pasta, and instead of asking if I was going to be ok, they tried to buy me off with a gift card.
Orinoco – Fancified Venezuelan food, a little pricey in my opinion. But rice dishes (you must get the Pabellon Criollo) and arepas are good to go.
Pedro’s Tacos – Hole in the wall taco place, LOVE. Just can’t have the fish tacos. 😦
Piattini – They have gf pasta, their dishes are AWESOME.
Pho Pasteur – I LOVE pho. It’s fantastic, and this place is the best. You have to be careful with some pho as there might be soy sauce in the broth, so check before eating, but usually pho is good to go.
Rod Dee – Amazing thai food. I’m pretty sure all of their rice dishes are good to go.
Shan-A-Punjab – Greatest discovery: South Indian Dosa!!! They’re crepes made out of rice and lentils. DELISH. And pakora is made out of chickpea flour. We ordered delivery from here and LOVED it, though I know there are a few other places in Boston that make dosa as well. I obviosuly must try them all now. For the blog.
Tapeo – There are plenty of options on their menu that are good to go, and pretty well labeled. It’s nice to have options. 🙂 Expensive, though, so eat at the bar and go early, tapas are $5.
Tasca – Like Tapeo, lots of options. And the creme brûlée is to die for. Get on their e-mail list, they’ll send you coupons and an announcement for when they’re doing $10 pitchers of sangria.
Top of the Hub – (This is for a fancy night out.) They have gf rolls and the waiters (or at least the ones I’ve had) are very knowledgeable and caring about your needs.
Uno’s Pizzeria & Grill – Just learned from a co-worker that they have a gf menu, but I haven’t tried it yet.
Wicked Restaurant – This is one of the first places I (Jen) had gluten free pizza – and it was amazing. They are also a wine bar (which never hurts) – and their menu is really well labeled. There’s gf flatbread, gf rolls for burgers and sandwiches, gf desserts, and more. All around, win. Unfortunately, it’s all the way in Dedham… but if you ever go to the massive mall or movie theatre there, I’d definitely recommend trying this place out.
Yamato – My favorite sushi place. Just make sure you’re clear about no soy or eel sauce (bring your own in a bag, I do it all the time.) And again, no tempura.

Food Trucks
Bon Me – Rice bowls for really reasonable prices.
The Cookie Monstah – On Fridays their truck is parked at South Station and there (only) they have gf cookies.
Kickass Cupcakes – Almost always have gf cupcakes, $3 a piece, and not bad at all.

Fast Food
b.good – Gf burger buns!
Boloco – Best bet for fast food (burrito bowl). They have separate spoons in all topping bins so chances of cross contamination are minimized. And it’s yummy.
Chipotle – If you go, just be cautious. Ask them to change their gloves if you’re getting a salad, because they grab the lettuce with hands that handle flour tortillas. The soft tacos are a no go because they warm them on the same griddle as the flour tortillas.
Sweet Green – Healthy fast food (salads) with local ingredients, if you’re just dying for some vegetables. (No farro for you, and check the dressings.)

California Pizza Kitchen – They just rolled out a revamped gf pizza, so you should check it out! And they deliver. (I haven’t tried it yet).
Dirty Water Dough: YUM! They have awesome topping combos and specialty pizzas.
Domino’s – Just don’t do it. It even says on the box not to! They make no effort to make it separately from their regular pizzas.
Naked Pizza – Overpriced but good.
Rome Pizza & Grill – I’m pretty sure they buy Udi’s frozen crusts and use those to make their gf pizza, but the only place it’s listed is on Foodler (it’s one of our staple delivery options).
Sal’s Pizza – They have a 10″ gf pizza, a little over $9 for plain cheese. I think this one, like Romae Pizza, is an Udi’s crust (delivery is too expensive, we did a take-out order after work).
Stone Hearth – They’ve come a long way. I used to hate their crust but it’s changed and I love it (or I’ve lowered my expectations?). And they have really creative flavor pairings, not your usual pepperoni and cheese.
Uno Due Go – Awesome gf pizza (thin crust), around $8. If you work downtown, call in your order before you leave and then you can just pick it up once you get there, because the wait can be a little ridiculous sometimes.

Or you can just come to my kitchen. I’ll feed you. 🙂

Also check out glutenfreebostongirl, she keeps a good list, too, by locale.