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I finally got down to the market on Friday. I feel like I haven’t had a vegetable in weeks. So, I picked up a bag of 5 zucchinis for $1 🙂 and decided to make some zucchini noodles for dinner, or “zoodles” as I’ve heard them called. This is so easy to do, if you have the right tools, and as far as I know, you have 2 options (well, 3 if you have amazing knife skills and can slice zucchini into noodles by hand). One tool is called a spiralizer, like this, and the other tool is a simple julienne peeler (I got mine at HomeGoods in a pack with vegetable peelers):

noodle maker

5 zucchini
Vegetable Peeler and Noodle Maker
Collander (preferably fine mesh)

The whole process is super simple, but it’s a little labor intensive, given how much you get in the end. I always plan on making about half zucchini noodles, half rice noodles for dinner for 2, otherwise I’d be noodling zucchinis all day.

Lightly peel off the skin of the zucchinis with a vegetable peeler. Using either your spiralizer or your hand tool, well, make zoodles! You can peel them right into a collander or sieve, over a bowl, because zucchini contains a buttload of water, we need to drain off as much as possible.

photo 2 (5)

You won’t be peeling the entire zucchini. You should stop as soon as you start to see seeds, this part just won’t hold a noodle shape so well. But don’t throw away that core! We’ll use it to make something else scrumptious, like Zucchini Bread Muffins!

When you’ve finishing zoodling all your zucchinis, cover them generously with salt. Don’t worry, we’ll wash it off, we just want to speed up the water extraction process. Let them drain for a good 10 minutes, and then, if you used a sieve, it’ll be really easy to press out all the extra water without compromising the noodle shapes. Rinse them off and squeeze again. Now, you can microwave them if you want at this point, or cook them in your sauce for a while, but I prefer them to be slightly crunchy so I just add them to my sauce last.

Like I said, 5 zucchinis won’t give you a full 2 servings of noodles, so I combine them with a serving of cooked rice noodles. Last night, I made a marinara sauce for a healthy spaghetti, but the possibilities are truly endless!

Zucchini and Rice Noodles

I served it with slices of my left-over French Bread, which I now call Crostinis. 🙂

What’s your favorite zoodle dish?