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I love me a good smoothie. Especially because it can get damn hot down here.

I’m picky about what I like in my smoothies, though. I really dislike the pre-packaged frozen smoothies, because they come with these little sugar packets full of chemicals and fake sweetener, and we all know how I feel about that. I suppose you can just not use the packet, which I’ve done, but still – it’s the principle.

If I make smoothies myself, they always turn out too thick and they don’t have enough flavor. Sigh.

I also like some protein in my smoothies, because when I make them, it’s generally for breakfast or after a workout. Just fruit and a little bit of yogurt doesn’t do it for me.

I’ve tried all sorts of protein powders for that – soy, whey, hemp, chocolate, vanilla, unflavored, etc. etc…. and they are all terrible. They also almost have fake chemically-laced sweeteners in them, too, which I can’t stand (I also don’t love Stevia.. it just tastes weird to me, but at least it’s natural). So those are all out.

Anyway, in my attempt to find the perfect smoothie, I stumbled upon this recipe on Pinterest, and decided to give it a go. I didn’t have the almonds on hand for it, so I threw together what I had, and a new smoothie of my own making was born. It’s packed full of protein AND it tastes delicious.

Let me be clear though – it probably has a lot of calories. I don’t know how many, but with all the protein, comes calories, so I usually drink it as a meal replacement.

Peanut Butter Apple Protein Smoothie

This recipe makes anywhere between 40-45 oz – which is enough for about two, 20 oz smoothies, to be used as meal replacers.


2-3 Tb Smooth Peanut Butter
1 and 1/2 Apples, cut into large chunks (depending on your blender, but we’ll get into that later), peel on if you’d like
2 Bananas (the riper/softer the sweeter)
1 and 1/2 C Milk of choice (we use plain, unsweetened almond milk – but you can use regular milk, soy milk or water, if you want)
1 C Yogurt of choice (we use vanilla for more flavor, but I have used plain and greek before, which are all delicious)
2 tsp Cinnamon
2 Handfuls of Ice (optional)

Next comes my shameless plug for my Ninja blender system (Jenee has one too!). I saw all of the infomercials for it, and our regular brand-shall-not-be-named blender was pathetic. I finally broke down and bought the system, and I am never going back. It is fabulous! I am always pleasantly surprised by the things I can throw into the ninja that would have completely clogged up my old blender, and it just chops them up like nothing. Ah-mazing.

Oh, the system I bought also came with two single serve blender cups – 16 oz each- so I used to make this smoothie in single servings when I was on my way to school or my internship. You just put what you want into the blender cup, attach it to the special single-serve blender bottom, stick it into the blender base, push a button and voila! You’ve got a smoothie to-go. It really rocks.

Ok, ok, enough about my awesome ninja. Back to the recipe.

Step 1: Get your blender and throw everything in.

Step 2: Blend.

Step 3: Drink.

Easy, right??

Sometimes this smoothie isn’t cold enough for me, so I add a few handfuls of ice to cool it down.

I have also added a handful of spinach to this smoothie for some greenery. Unless you only use spinach – you can’t ever really taste it in smoothies, so it’s a great way to add some green vegetables into your diet and get a few extra vitamins in the mix.

Jenee used coconut cream instead of yogurt (and minus the cinnamon) in this  dairy-free version

Jenee used coconut cream instead of yogurt (and minus the cinnamon) in this dairy-free version