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Guys. Breakfast (and let’s be honest, lunch) is the bane of my existence. I can never figure out what I want to eat, and I usually just turn to some sort of GF cereal or skip it altogether (which is NO GOOD for your metabolism) – but then I’m hungry two hours later because cereal is filled with sugar, or I didn’t eat anything at all. Terrible cycle.

I love eggs – they have a ton of protein and good fats and all sorts of great stuff – but they are a pain to make in the morning before work, since I’m usually running around like a crazy person just trying to get out of the house on time. So, clearly, I do not have time to scramble a bunch of eggs and sit down to a nice breakfast during the week.

I’ve done soft and hard boiled eggs before, but they just don’t hit the spot.

One miraculous day, someone mentioned to me that they make a quiche on the weekends and then they eat it throughout the week for breakfast.

Wait what? I missed the rest of that. You had me at “quiche”. What a brilliant idea!

So, after some googling (obviously) and mixing and matching many different recipes, I came up with this little gem. No pictures for now, but I promise it is delicious and is SO easy.

GF Crustless Quiche

This serves my husband and I, each, a small piece for breakfast for the 5 day workweek. I really love that it’s crustless, because I don’t have to worry about the extra calories, carbs OR making a special GF crust for it.

10 eggs, whisked (add a little cream or milk to this, the eggs will fluff up)
1 C baby spinach, raw (you can sauté this beforehand if you like your spinach more wilted – I don’t, so we leave it raw, and it cooks just enough in the quiche so that it isn’t soggy. I’ve got a weird thing about textures)
3/4 lb ground sausage or 1 package bacon, cooked
1/2 red bell pepper
1/4 C feta cheese
1/4 – 1/2 C chopped white onion, sauteed
1 can artichoke hearts, diced
Cooking spray (we use EVOO Pam)

Mix all ingredients together in a fairly shallow dish (we use our Corningware dishes for this, which aren’t super shallow, so really, you can use whatever you want). Cook at 375 for 25-30 minutes. You will know it’s done when you can gently shake the dish and the egg doesn’t move all around. The top should have a nice brown beginning, too.

Here are some variations I’ve tried:

Use a muffin pan for an easy on-the-go breakfast (I recommend using metal cupcake liners, because you will need to spray them before you pour the egg mixture in, to prevent sticking). You won’t need to cook the mini-quiches as long – maybe 15-20 minutes? Don’t quote me on that. Just keep an eye on them.

You can also try using a slice of uncooked bacon to wrap around the outside of each muffin pan space, and then pour the egg mixture in from there. The bacon will cook in the oven because it’s right up against the metal pan, and the grease should prevent the eggs from sticking too much (this didn’t work so well for us – the eggs still stuck – but you can try greasing the pan lightly first).

You can add whatever vegetables you want to this recipe – and you  can cook them however you’d like before you add them, or add them raw. You can also substitute your favorite cheese in for the feta – that just happens to be our favorite.

Be warned! if you add vegetables that give off liquid when heated – such as mushrooms, onions or tomatoes – you will need to sauté them before you add them to the quiche. If you don’t – your quiche will be soggy and gross, and cooking it for longer won’t help.

We really love this recipe – and we hope you will too.