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So, I typically stay away from processed foods, but I was looking for cute, easy desserts to make for a Halloween party, and I was struggling. All of the great Food Network Halloween posts were chock full of gluten. 😦 There were a few more-indepth desserts I could have taken a stab at, but I didn’t really have the time, since I won the war with Marco on having a Halloween party to begin with at the very last minute. So, off to the grocery store I go (the night before), and in the baking aisle I see…marhsmallows…and chocolate. I’m thinking, everyone dips pretzel sticks in melted chocolate and decorates them, why can’t I do that with marshmallows? That’s a thing, right?

Chocolate, Marshmallows

Chocolate, Marshmallows

1 bag of large marshmallows
1 bag of chocolate chips (or a baker’s bar of semi-sweet chocolate)
1 baker’s bar of white chocolate (if you’re going themed and want color, I added orange food coloring to this melted chocolate)
1 bag of straws, or sticks (not like tree sticks but like popsicle sticks), or whatever

Easy peasy, you probably already know what to do so I don’t even have to tell you. (Well, just in case: Melt chocolate, stab marshmallow with stick, dip in chocolate (and decorate if doing so), place on parchment paper, repeat, refrigerate.) So, instead, I’ll impart to you other nuggets of wisdom. Like, melting chocolate. With chocolate chips you can easily do it in the microwave, checking every 10 or so seconds and stirring. You don’t want all the chips to melt in the microwave, you just need to get the chocolate and bowl hot enough that the rest of them melt while you’re stirring, this way you don’t over heat the chocolate. There’s not much coming back from that. You can try to add a little oil to smooth it back out, but if it’s really burnt, it’s just burnt my friend. If you have a fancy double broiler you can do it on the stovetop – you have more control that way and can heat the chocolate more slowly, with less chance of burning it. Or, if you’re like me, you don’t have a fancy double broiler, but instead you happen to have two metal pots that sort of fit into each other so you put about an inch of water in one and insert the other on top. It works just the same, and I do this all the time (like, to steam things I just put my metal collander in a pot with a little water…). I literally have no fancy kitchen equipment. (Well, except the Ninja blender. It’s AWESOME!!!)

Anywho, this is a fantastically easy and surprisingly delicious party snack. Once the chocolate has set you don’t really need to refrigerate them anymore, they can sit out on the countertop (unless you have cats that will literally eat anything, or knock things off the countertops just to watch them fall). Trust me, either way, these won’t last long.